Equine Joint Charge. Complete joint hydration without the risk of needles. Or the expense.

Horse hoof

Our exclusive formulation of HA hydrates joints and improves mobility in horses by supplementing the synovial fluid that lubricates their joints.

As horses age, just like humans, their bodies don’t produce as much HA as they once did.

Without HA supplementation, cartilage can’t absorb shock as well or let your horse move as fluidly. Equine Joint Charge can help restore mobility, speed recovery, and sharpen your competitive edge.

You mix Equine Joint Charge yourself. So the results are even more satisfying.

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Unlike pre-mixed varieties of HA that have lost potency in transit and storage, the HA in Equine Joint Charge is inert until you add water. So you can’t find a fresher HA-based joint supplement.

And because you mix Equine Joint Charge yourself, you know your horse is getting HA at peak potency.

Compared to the cost and risk of injections, and the waste of degraded or poorly absorbed products, Equine Joint Charge is a more effective— and cost effective—way to improve quality of life for your horse.

You can save even more with our Tri-Pack maintenance plan.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 0% risk.

Results do vary. We can’t promise Equine Joint Charge will work for every horse. But we can absolutely guarantee you’ll be happy with the results.

Because if you’re not satisfied with Equine Joint Charge after 30 days, you’ll get your money back.

Try Equine Joint Charge for yourself and join our family of satisfied customers in the US and Europe. You’ve nothing to lose, except for joint pain and stiffness.

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