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Pet-PROPEL for Dogs. Complete joint hydration without the cost and risk of Rx drugs.

As dogs age, just like humans, their bodies don’t produce as much as much effective HA as they once did. They don’t rise as quickly, or bound up the stairs like they used to.

Our exclusive formulation of HA improves mobility and hydrates your dog’s joints by supplementing the synovial fluid that lubricates them.

Without HA supplementation, the cartilage can’t absorb shock as well or let your dog move as freely. Pet-PROPEL can help relieve arthritis pain, improve energy, and speed recovery after longs walks or extended play.

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You can trust the Pet-PROPEL formula. You’re a key ingredient.

Unlike pre-mixed varieties of HA that have lost potency in transit and storage, the HA in Pet-PROPEL is inert until you add water. Pet-PROPEL is the freshest HA-based joint supplement available for dogs, because you mix it yourself.

Each bottle comes with enough concentrate to last about 30 days—longer for small dogs, slightly less for extra large dogs— so you can be confident that Pet-PROPEL will deliver HA at peak potency.


How much should I order?

When ordering, consider that we recommend elderly dogs or dogs with compromised mobility follow a loading schedule (2x maintenance dose) for 20 days prior to maintenance therapy.

So if you want to see more immediate results, and continue the benefits of HA supplementation, choose the Tri-Pak Maintenance Plan and take advantage of free shipping.

Compared to the cost and risk of prescription medications, and the waste of degraded or poorly absorbed products, Pet-PROPEL is a more effective -- and cost effective -- way to improve your dog’s quality of life.

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100% satisfaction. 0% risk.

Try Pet-PROPEL for yourself and join our family of satisfied customers. We guarantee your dog will be moving easier and more energetically or we’ll refund your money.