Equine JointCharge. Delivers pure HA to the joints without injections.

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As horses age, just like humans, their bodies don’t produce as much HA as they once did. So their joints can’t absorb shock as well or move as fluidly as in their younger days.

The good news is, our exclusive, all-natural formulation of HA actually replaces HA lost to time. Used daily, Equine JointCharge improves movement and flexibility in horses by supplementing the synovial fluid that lubricates their joints.

Equine JointCharge can help restore mobility, speed recovery, and improve competitive performance in horses.

Without the cost and risk of injections.

You mix Equine JointCharge yourself. That's why you can trust it to deliver results.

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Unlike pre-mixed varieties of HA that have lost potency in transit and storage, the HA in Equine JointCharge is inactive until you add water. You can’t find a fresher HA-based joint supplement.

It’s also the purest form of HA available outside the joints themselves. Each dose delivers 300 mg of HA -- more than three times the concentration of comparably priced supplements.

Our patent-pending delivery system uses a molecule bio-engineered to be small enough to pass the gastrointestinal barrier and circulate throughout the horse’s body to cushion joints and restore suppleness to stiff cartilage.

Which is why, unlike non-HA or HA supplements that have degraded or don’t get fully absorbed, Equine JointCharge works fast.

Compared to the cost and risk of injections, and the waste of degraded or poorly absorbed products, Equine JointCharge is a more effective -- and cost effective -- way to improve quality of life for your horse.

Which horses benefit most?

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Given Equine JointCharge as recommended, horses who match one or more of the following can show visible and often remarkable improvement in 30 days or less:

• Actively competing horses in all events and in-service work horses

• Formerly sound trail-riding horses or rescue horses

• Older horses who don't move as well due to age

• Younger to mature horses who actively compete or get ridden weekly or more often

• Horses with old injuries or recovering from surgery

How will I know it's working?

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Typically, you’ll start to notice certain improvements within 14 to 21 days. Every horse is different but behavior changes to watch for  include:

• More fluid movements without hitching or gait hops

• Faster to warm up and recover

• Improved mood or energy

• Better rider "feel" and more strength in jumps and strides

• More eagerness to perform and be ridden

After two weeks, the swelling went away.

Here’s how reining horse professional rider and trainer Cody Garrison of Garrison Performance describes his JointCharge experience: “We used to inject for hock and joint issues but after a while it brings down the quality of the horse. We tried this JointCharge stuff and it worked miracles. After two weeks, all the swelling went away. I would recommend this to anyone showing like we are, or just riding for fun.”

Click on the video for the full story. 

Will horses reject it?

It’s hard to fool a horse. They can detect trace minerals and will often reject or simply eat around powdered supplements.

Because Equine JointCharge is odorless and tasteless, horses literally lap it up. No waste, no residue. So the HA goes straight to their joints, not down the drain.

How do I give it to my horse?

Supplementing with Equine JointCharge is as convenient as it is fast.  You simply give them one pump over their feed once or twice a day (depending on dosing schedule) and that’s it.

To mix, just add water and follow a few simple instructions. You can use any potable water source and no refrigeration is needed -- just store it out of direct sunlight.

How much should I order?

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NOTE: Elderly horses with compromised mobility, or  severely HA-depleted horses should follow the loading  schedule before moving into daily maintenance.

 To see more immediate results, and save while continuing the benefits of HA supplementation, choose our free shipping option with orders of three or more.

100% satisfaction guaranteed. 0% risk.

Try Equine JointCharge for yourself and join our family of satisfied customers in the U.S. and Europe. If you’re not satisfied with Equine JointCharge after 30 days, you’ll get your money back.

You've got nothing to lose, except joint issues.

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