Give your older dog a new leash on life.

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As dogs age, just like humans, their bodies don't produce as much as much effective HA as they once did. And their bodies tell the story.

They don’t rise as quickly, or bound up the stairs like they used to.

Without the right amount of HA, joint cartilage can't absorb shock. Your dog can't move freely. When given daily, Pet-PROPEL keeps joints supple. How? By delivering HA to the synovial fluid that surrounds them.

The exclusive form of HA in Pet-PROPEL helps to relieve arthritis pain, restore mobility, and increase flexibility. Many people also report improved mood and playfulness in their dogs after HA supplementation with Pet-PROPEL.

Dogs tell you how they feel by how they move. What's your dog telling you?

What makes our HA work so well? You do.

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Compared to the cost and risk of prescription medications, and the waste of degraded or poorly absorbed products, Pet-PROPEL is the most effective -- and cost-effective -- canine joint health solution.

Why? Pre-mixed HA can lose potency before you even open the package. The HA in Pet-PROPEL is inactive until you add water. Pet-PROPEL is the freshest HA joint supplement available for dogs, because you mix it yourself.

When you improve your dog's joint health, you improve your dog's quality of life.

Which dogs benefit the most?

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Dogs who match one or more of the following can show visible and often striking improvement in 30 days or less:

• Formerly active or athletic

• Between the ages of 7 and 15

• Have trouble rising from sleep or rest

• Seem hesitant to go down stairs or jump

• Have trouble getting in or out of cars

Pet-PROPEL is ideal for dogs that enjoy activities such as agility competitions, jogging and hiking with their human companions, or just chasing squirrels.

Curious? Meet real customers who've witnessed real results.

What do veterinarians say about Pet-PROPEL?

Originally introduced in the practice of JointCharge founder and veterinarian Dr. Roger Nix, the all-natural, patent-pending form of hyaluronic acid in JointCharge products is now used and recommended by other veterinarians.

Click on the video to learn why vets like Dr. Mike Graves trust Pet-PROPEL for their older canine patients with hip and knee isses.

How can I tell if it's working?

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Typically, you’ll begin to see certain behavior changes emerge anywhere from 7 to 21 days from the start of supplementation. While every dog is different, the changes you see may include:

• Rising without difficulty after resting

• Able to jump into vehicles or onto furniture again (whether this is good depends on your house rules)

• Quickly and easily climbs stairs

• More fluid locomotion

• Less stiffness after long walks or extended play

• More playful and energetic


How much should I order?

Each bottle contains enough concentrate to last approximately 30 to 90 days, depending on your dog's weight and the dosing schedule you follow.

NOTE: Elderly dogs or dogs with compromised mobility should follow a loading schedule (2x maintenance dose) for 20 days before moving into daily maintenance.

To save money and continue the benefits of Pet-PROPEL, choose our free shipping option with orders of three or more.

If you have questions about Pet-PROPEL, please call customer service at 317-558-4070 or email us.

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How do I give Pet-PROPEL to my dog?

Maintaining joint health with Pet-PROPEL is simple and convenient. You don't have to hide Pet-PROPEL or force your dog to swallow it. Pet-PROPEL is clear, tasteless, and odorless. Simply pour it over your dog's food at feeding time.

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