Veterinarian approved, veterinarian developed.

In three decades of practice, Dr. Roger Nix has seen nearly as many treatments for joint issues as animals that have them.

OTC solutions for arthritis and joint mobility can be effective, some more so than others. Therapeutic benefits of prescription-only therapies have to be weighed against their risks and cost.

Inspired by a clinical study about the effects of HA supplementation in humans, and the discovery of enthusiastic anecdotes about HA’s ability to increase joint flexibility and improve performance in equine athletes, Dr. Nix began the search for a more bioavailable, affordable form of HA.

The clear alternative to tablets and capsules.


While some tablets on the market do include HA in the ingredients, most of it gets excreted without being absorbed.

Our exclusive, patent-pending concentrate is the purest, most effective form of HA available outside the joints.

The Hyaluronan in our products is cultured by microbial fermentation and produced in an FDA-approved lab to yield human-grade HA in the most bioavailable molecular weight.

So not only is it 100% Vegan, it’s free of potential protein-based contaminants and allergens. Thanks to a molecular composition that enables rapid uptake into the bloodstream, each dose delivers 90 mg of pure HA for immediate distribution to joints, ligaments and other tissues.

The benefits of HA are well known, but the products that contain it can vary in results and quality. The reason JointCharge products are so effective is because the HA in our formula goes straight to your joints, not down the drain. By the way, Dr. Nix and his wife Anita take JointCharge every day.

Simply put, you get more bang for your buck with JointCharge than tablets or capsules because of how quickly our HA is abosrbed into the bloodstream. And it's even more cost-efficient when when you choose our free shipping option with orders of three or more.


It starts as a powder. It works like magic.

Most people are unaware that the HA in pre-mixed oral solutions actually begins to degrade in transit and continues to lose potency in storage. So what’s inside is already diluted before you break the package seal.

Test tube

The HA in our product is shipped dry and is inactive until you add water. So it's impossible to find a fresher, more potent, HA-based joint supplement.

Because you mix it yourself.

Join our family of HAppy customers.

Every person and every animal is different. We can’t promise you'll see the kind of improvement in mobility and energy that others have.

We do guarantee that if you’re not happy with the results after 30 days, we’ll refund your purchase. Check out our testimonials and learn what others have experienced.

Or better yet, try it yourself risk-free. You’ve got nothing to lose, except for stiff joints and limited activities.


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