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NOTE: Testimonials may refer to the previous formulation of JointCharge. However, the underlying hyaluronic acid concentrate in the reformulated version, JointCharge XP,  and the method of action that allows for the rapid absorption and distribution of HA to soft tissues throughout the body is identical.

I can only say that it has changed my life.

I have always been open to various types of alternative health remedies, and I have tried most of them. I was told about JointCharge by a close family member and wanted to give it a try. I have been taking JointCharge regularly for a little over a year now, and I can only say that it has changed my life. I started working out again a few months after I began the JointCharge and took it quite easy at first as I did not want to flare up the tendonitis.

As time went on, I gradually increased my workouts both with heavier weights as well as increased sets. I am now at the point where I am working out as aggressively as when I was in my thirties and am in the best physical condition I have been in for twenty years. I am also able to extend my right elbow all the way straight, and I have no pain in either of my elbows.

I have never written in before to anyone or product company in this manner, but I have never felt that anything has affected me this positively. I know without a doubt that the JointCharge I have been taking is the sole reason for relieving my elbow pain and allowing me to do things I haven’t been able to for a long time.

Ed Smith, Valparaiso, IN

Taking JointCharge also makes my skin feel more moisturized.

For the past couple of years, I have developed a recurring soreness in my left knee. At age 30 this was rather concerning as I did not picture myself requiring knee replacement surgery. I began taking JointCharge a few months ago and within one week noticed a huge improvement. My knee no longer pops when bending, all of my joints feel smooth, and I no longer have secondary muscle soreness. I give my dog the canine version of JointCharge for his arthritis, and it has helped him tremendously. The liquid is odorless and tasteless, and I can easily take it in a spoonful or stir it into a protein shake or smoothie.* And as an added bonus, taking JointCharge also makes my skin feel more moisturized and smooth. I highly recommend this product for human and animal use!

*NOTE: Do not add JointCharge during the blending process as the blades may cause the hyaluronic acid molecular chains in the compound to break.

Ashley, Indianapolis, IN

The product is not expensive and it works very very quickly.

We’ve been using JointCharge a little over two years with our older dogs for knee and hip issues. The product is very effective, it is not expensive, it doesn’t have any side effects that we’ve seen, and it works very very quickly. There’s no taste, so there’s no reluctance to take it. The client response has been great.

Mike Graves, DVM, Fishers, IN

I believe the product to be extremely valuable.

I started taking the pilot product for human use, about one year after having torn my medial meniscus slipping on the ice. Within a few days the stiffness and soreness were gone and other joints that I had some discomfort with also resolved. In my practice, I have found the product to be very useful in helping patients to overcome their joint pain and subsequently reduced range of motion.

I have used JointCharge in association with other common medications and did not see significant improvement until adding it. I have also used the product by itself in chronic, long-standing osteoarthritis in geriatric dogs with dramatic improvement with 7 to 10 days.

Consequently, I can say from personal experience that I believe the product to be an extremely valuable tool for veterinarians to use in their patients, and also on themselves!

James R. Speiser DVM, CCRT, Beech Grove, IN

All of my joints feel more fluid.

I have been using Joint Charge for over six months now.  I have also experienced decreased hip pain, and all of my joints feel more fluid! I also wear contacts and struggle with dryness and irritation. Since I began taking JointCharge, I no longer deal with the eye irritation, and I have also noticed an increased sense of hydration throughout my body.

Doug McCluskey, Fishers, IN

My desire and ability to be active had diminished.

I first learned about JointCharge HJL when discussing my joint pain and discomfort with Dr. Nix. Growing up I was very active in soccer, tennis, basketball, track and water skiing. Over the years these activities took a toll on my body. In turn, my desire and ability to be active had diminished. Dr. Nix told me about the people version of his user-mixed Hyaluronan and gave me a sample to try.

Within two weeks I could feel a difference that I had not experienced with any of the other over the counter drug store joint care products I had tried. Another benefit I noticed was the shortened recovery time after activity. From working on a major landscape project around the house to playing an afternoon pickup game with some friends, my body did not feel nearly as sore or tired as it once did. I take it on a daily basis and intend to continue.

Doug Whitman, Fishers, IN

Bad news- I forgot my hiking stick. Good news- I didn’t need it.

Full disclosure, I'm the marketing director for JointCharge. However, this is my own JointCharge story, and I’m not being paid to share it. I buy my JointCharge from the site like everyone else. I started giving JointCharge to our old dog Ginger in May of 2014.

You can see from the video further down the page why we've become a JointCharge family. After I mentioned in a meeting that an old ankle tendon injury was causing me a lot of discomfort while hiking, Dr. Nix suggested I try the pilot version of JointCharge HJL.

The effect was subtle after the first week or so but I wanted to give it 30 days. I also kept a journal.

At Week 3, we went camping and one afternoon, we decided to go for a pretty rugged hike. About a quarter mile past the trailhead I realized I'd left my hiking stick behind. I'd forgotten it because the pain in my ankle that always reminded me to bring it was gone.

Four years later, I'm still using JointCharge (now on the new version, JointCharge XP) and it's helped me to the point where I've taken up running again, and finished my first half-marathon in 2017. 

Dave Reyburn, Westerville, OH

I don’t have to inject her.

Within two weeks of the initial loading dose, the mare was back up with her head and neck, driving off the back end. No lameness at all, front or back. It’s been worth it. It’s been a godsend. I don’t have to inject her, and that’s what I wanted to avoid.

Julie Mayer, Barrel Racer, Lennon, MI

A significant improvement after starting on JointCharge.

Dear Dr. Nix,

My 10-year-old Dutch Warmblood mare Zaida won her fourth level musical freestyle and fourth level open classes at the Regional Dressage Championships in Lexington Kentucky last year. She was on JointCharge throughout the 2014 season, and my trainer (her rider) saw significant improvement in her performance after starting on JointCharge. She was coming back from an injury to a stifle in 2013, so we hope to do even better this year. JointCharge has played a significant role in helping her to be a world-class performance horse.  Thanks for your help.

Sally Booth M.D., Indianapolis, IN

No signs of fatigue or stiffness after four days of hard work

I started using Joint Charge two weeks before the Belgian championship of young horses. I was positively surprised that on the last day, my horse was still moving and jumping as easy as on the first day, no signs of fatigue or stiffness after four days of hard work. I believe that Joint Charge protects her joints which makes her feel better, therefore leading to improved performance.

Niels Reykers, Young Rider, Belgium

After two weeks, the swelling went away.

We used to inject for hock and joint issues, but after a while, it brings down the quality of the horse. We tried this JointCharge stuff, and it worked miracles. After two weeks, all the swelling went away. I would recommend this to anyone showing like we are, or just riding for fun.

Cody Garrison, Washington, IN

I thought I was going to have to get the doggie steps.

My dog was a rescue. He was in a locked ward for three months. He had elbow sores. Every time he stood up he would whine, and now he doesn’t do that. I thought I was going to have to get the doggie steps, but he can jump up on the bed now.

Shania Young, USA

A MIRACULOUS difference.

Prior to using JointCharge, Gina wouldn't go up and down the stairway at our residence anymore. Her joints were stiff, and you could really see how difficult it was when she started to get up from her pillow. After using JointCharge, we saw a MIRACULOUS difference in Gina's agility and mobility. It is so easy to use, and we are thrilled to provide Gina with a healthy alternative to improve her quality of life. We love her, and she is a part of the Walker family. Thank you JointCharge, you are a miracle solution!

Bill Walker, Indianapolis, IN

The video speaks for itself.

This is 12-year-old Ginger, our lab/chow mix. Her arthritis was so bad she couldn’t walk around the block without starting to limp. It was hard to watch because she loved going on walks. We started her on JointCharge in May 2014, and after two weeks she was climbing stairs and walking without getting sore. We wanted to update you on how she was doing with her maintenance dosing and think this video speaks for itself. The picture quality isn’t that great, but her quality of life sure is. Thank you.  

Jody Reyburn, Westerville, OH

Before he had a hard time just getting up.

This is Baxter after being on JointCharge for a month and a half. Before he had a hard time just getting up but now he’s doing stuff that he hasn’t been able to for the past couple of years.

Mark and Kendee Kolp, Indianapolis, IN

The difference is remarkable.

Zoey is our black pug. She is 11.5 years old. The difference in her mobility is remarkable. She likes to be able to jump up on the footstools and sofa to be next to her people, and now she can without assistance.

Sherry Stair, Carmel, IN

If Sushi could talk, he would recommend it too!

Sushi is 16 years old and the most wonderful cat I have had the privilege to own. He acts more like a dog than a cat and is a very beloved member of our family. About two years ago, he began to make it obvious that he was experiencing joint pain. It was breaking our heart. I tried several products, but if they had any effect, I couldn’t see it. Then I discovered JointCharge.

For a few days I really didn’t notice anything, but after two weeks, I saw a marked change in Sushi. I was thrilled. This old cat means the world to me, and I was FINALLY seeing RESULTS! I recommend JointCharge to any and everyone who has a pet that has joint pain— because I have seen it work. If Sushi could talk, he would recommend it too!

Ann Pruitt, Cape Coral, FL

Thank you Pet-PROPEL.

We would like to thank Dr. Nix for recommending Pet-Propel for our 16-year-old cat Kyra. For the past year, Kyra was slow moving and wasn’t able to jump on the couch like she used to. After the first week of using Pet-Propel joint care, we noticed a considerable improvement in her mobility. After three weeks of treatment, she chases the laser pointer around the carpet like she used to.

John & Gail Dimmett, Fishers, IN

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