Frequently Asked Questions

HA (Hyaluronic Acid) is a molecule found in the skin, joints and muscle groups of all mammals including humans, and is there to provide elasticity, lubrication, and shock resistance.

No; hyaluronic acid is technically a carbohydrate which is found naturally in the bodies of all mammals, including humans, horses, dogs, and cats.

HA is a major component of synovial fluid, the viscous, gel-like substance found between the cartilage at the end of bones to cushion them. Synovial fluid also coats muscles and connective tissue to allow friction-free movement. Without it, and the HA of which it is made, every muscle twitch or motion would be difficult and painful.

At the cellular level, HA serves a metabolic purpose by carrying nutrients in and removing waste products such as lactic acid that builds following hard exercise. HA also plays a role in wound repair and tissue regrowth.

The cells of younger mammals naturally replenish synovial fluid and soft tissues throughout their bodies with the HA molecule to keep their joints hydrated, facilitate faster recovery from the strain of prolonged physical exertion, and keep skin firm and elastic.

As we age, our bodies still produce it, but in steadily decreasing quantity and quality. Supplementing with JointCharge XP oral HA helps you maintain flexibility, combat dry skin, and cushion knees and other joints against injury and inflammation from repetitive motion stress.

Ideally, yes. At peak production (when we’re young) our bodies produce all the HA we need for optimal metabolic and kinetic functioning and turn over the amount of available HA every three days.

This means that, even though we continue to produce HA throughout our lives, we’re drawing on a diminishing supply of it in terms of quality and quantity.

That’s why we begin to experience the classic signs of aging: sore joints, wrinkled skin, and pain resulting from dry, thinned-out cartilage.

Many customers have reported that taking JointCharge oral HA in the winter months keeps their skin moisturized and prevents itching and flaking.

Generally speaking, yes. We are not aware of any contraindications with medications typically prescribed for chronic conditions such as diabetes or high blood pressure. That said, you should always consult your primary care provider or veterinarian before using any nutritional supplement.

To deliver the maximum benefit, hyaluronic acid needs to be as fresh as possible. That's why we ship JointCharge dry. Unlike pre-mixed liquid HA that can lose potency in transit and storage, the HA in JointCharge XP is inactive until you add water—not partially degraded before you even open it.

Typically, any potable water source is fine. However, if your water supply is high in mineral content, we recommend filtered or distilled water. Allow chlorinated water from a municipal source to breathe in an open container at least one hour before mixing.

Once mixed, JointCharge XP is formulated to remain stable for up to 90 days. Beyond that, we don’t recommend that you use it because the molecular chains begin to break down.

To ensure maximum freshness and potency, we calibrate the number of available daily doses in each container to last from 30 to 89 days.

So for example, taken at the maintenance level (1 tablespoon per day), JointCharge XP for Humans contains a 30-day supply, JointCharge XP for Horses produces a 50-day supply of supplement (1 ounce per day), and JointCharge XP for Pets has enough powder for up to 89 days (1 tsp. per day for a cat or a small dog).

People will feel less stiff after a long hike or prolonged manual labor such as unloading a truck, using a nail gun or raking leaves.

Every horse is different but behavioral changes to watch for include more fluid movements, improved mood or energy, and more eagerness to perform and be ridden.

No two dogs are alike of course, but most customers report changes that include rising without difficulty after resting, able to quickly and easily climb stairs again, and increased playfulness and energy.

Cats present a unique challenge because they are very good at hiding symptoms of musculoskeletal pain. However, a formerly active cat that begins to slow down or doesn’t play as much might be experiencing joint discomfort. Adding JointCharge XP to your cat’s food every day can help relieve inflammation in their joints, protect it from further breakdown, and improve mood and energy level.

Although some customers have reported increased mobility and restored flexibility in fewer than 7 days, most users report results between 15 and 30 days. Results will vary by each individual, the degree of HA depletion and compromised mobility, and whether or not they begin on a maintenance or a loading schedule.

The color change from clear to amber is due to the microscopic amount of colloidal silver present in the reformulated version of our oral supplement, now called JointCharge XP.

Much like makers of surgical dressings, we chose this ingredient because it prevents the growth of bacteria. That’s why, once it’s mixed, JointCharge XP will stay fresh for up to 90 days without refrigeration (as long as it's stored in a cool, dark place between 35° & 80° Fahrenheit).

NEVER mix JointCharge XP with any hot liquid; the heat will cause the molecular structure to break down immediately. Don’t mix it with orange juice because citrus acid also breaks down HA.

Yes, but add it after you pour your smoothie from the blender; otherwise, the blades could disrupt the chemical chain that forms the molecular compound from which HA is made.

Yes. However, the benefits also return when you resume daily consumption. That said, people or animals with already depleted HA levels and compromised mobility may be at a higher risk of further degrading cartilage or incurring injury when they discontinue HA supplementation for more than 3 days.

We always advise customers to use JointCharge XP as directed; once mixed, our HA solution is designed to maintain optimum stability for 90 days.

Note, however, that regardless of who you’re buying it for, each package is calibrated to be entirely consumed between 30 and 89 days (less at the loading dose) to ensure that you're getting the freshest, most stable and potent oral HA available outside what your body naturally produces. 

It’s fine to refrigerate, but doing so can cause the liquid to thicken which some users may find unappealing. DO NOT freeze JointCharge XP for the same reason you never want to mix it into hot coffee: it will cause the molecular structure to break down.

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with the results of any JointCharge XP product after 30 days of use, just email us proof of purchase and we’ll refund the full purchase price, including shipping. [Learn More]